Third-party drives not permitted on Gen 11 servers

Howard, Chris HowardC at
Tue Feb 9 17:22:52 CST 2010

I have a PE-2650 at home on which I do configuration
testing, things I can then use on the newer servers
at the office.  It cost me nearly nothing ($10) and runs
generic drives.  With that familiarity I am comfortable
with Dell quality and can recommend similar systems.

I also have an entry level HP PA Risc system
that uses generic drives and at least some generic
PCI cards.  We have HP at the office too.

I don't have any Apple systems.  Not that I dislike
them, but I can't afford to have one, not even an
older used one, because everything is proprietary
and locked up. I've never recommended an Apple
system and never can.

You aren't losing a sale when I buy an ancient
system.  I wasn't going to pay full price.  But
having something around made me happy about Dell.

So now I'm not so happy about Dell.

I'm supposed to recommend some new database servers
soon.  I'm looking at Sun because of the Sun/Oracle
deal.  I'm still ok with HP but wish they had kept
PA-RISC.  I am in the dark about developments over
at IBM.  I don't think Dell is the way to go.

Chris Howard
CIS Database Administrator
Platte River Power Authority

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> Thank you very much for your comments and feedback regarding exclusive
> use of Dell drives. It is common practice in enterprise storage
> solutions to limit drive support to only those drives which have been
> qualified by the vendor.  In the case of Dell's PERC RAID controllers,
> we began informing  customers when a non-Dell drive was detected with
> the introduction of PERC5 RAID controllers in early 2006. With the
> introduction of the PERC H700/H800 controllers, we began enabling only
> the use of Dell qualified drives.
> There are a number of benefits for using Dell qualified drives in
> particular ensuring a positive experience and protecting our data.
> While SAS and SATA are industry standards there are differences which
> occur in implementation.  An analogy is that English is spoken in the
> UK, US and Australia. While the language is generally the same, there
> are subtle differences in word usage which can lead to confusion. This
> exists in storage subsystems as well. As these subsystems become more
> capable, faster and more complex, these differences in implementation
> can have greater impact.
> Benefits of Dell's Hard Disk and SSD drives are outlined in a white
> paper on Dell's web site at
> drives-pov.pdf
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> I just received my first Gen11 server, R710, with H700 PERC. I removed
> the supplied drives, and installed 4 Barracuda ES.2s. After doing a
> "Clear Configuration" in the pre-boot RAID setup utility, I can
> no operation with the drives - they are marked as "blocked".
> Is Dell preventing the use of 3rd-party HDDs now?
> Thanks for any enlightenment.
> Philip J. Tait
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