clearforeignconfig not clearing foreign config

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Tue Feb 9 11:47:55 CST 2010

Mark Watts wrote:
> OK, here's what I have:
> - Running system with a single-disk RAID-0 (disk 0:0:0)
> - Spare disk of same model/capacity, from another PERC5 (disk 0:0:1)
> I want to be able to get into a state where I can raid-level-migrate and
> convert the current virtual disk (0:0:0) into a RAID-1 mirror.
> Currently, the fact that disk 0:0:1 contains a foreign config is
> preventing this.
> I do, however, have a spare 1950/PERC5 chassis I can put the disk in,
> although I can't see any way in the PERC bios to clear any configuration
> present on the disk - clearing the foreign config on a different PERC
> doesn't seem to do that in quite the way you expect.
> Mark

Does the LSI MegaCLI utility work for you?

MegaCli -CfgForeign -Clear [x] -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL
        x - index of foreign configurations. Optional. All by default.

and if you want to completely clear the entire drive:

MegaCli -PDClear -Start|-Stop|-ShowProg |-ProgDsply
        -PhysDrv [E0:S0,E1:S1,...] -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL

Something like:
MegaCli -pdclear -start -physdrv '[32:1]' -a0

(often the internal drive enclosure is "32", and i presume your drive
will be
in enclosure slot "1")


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