PERC 6i with SSDs - trim?

Andrew Robert Nicols andrew.nicols at
Tue Feb 9 03:40:50 CST 2010

We've just taken delivery of a pair of R710s with PERC 6i controller and
eight disks including two 50Gb SSDs.

Initially I was going to use hardware RAID 1 across the two SSDs to give
one device rather than software RAID, but the thought has just occurred to
me that if I do so, and present the drive to Debian as is, it will be
presented as a RAID controller, and not as a pair of SSDs.
As a result, will the trim commands be passed through to the SSDs?

The PERC6i manual doesn't seem to be any help from my initial glossover and
details on trim are sketchy at best.

Any advice would be much appreciated,



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