R410 stops during boot waiting for a keypress of F1 or F2

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From: Rahul Nabar <rpnabar at gmail.com>
Subject: R410 stops during boot waiting for a keypress of F1 or F2
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On some of my R410 servers the BIOS stops at a message:

"Press F1 to proceed or F2 to enter System Setup"

These are clustered machines so such a message just causes the whole
automated boot process to halt since they don't have a keyboard or
console attached where one presses this key. Is there a way to
automate changing this via sysconfg?

I found no clue in the Dell Deployment Guide. In the BIOS though there
is a setting that chooses whether or not the system halts on the


Hi Rahul,

If you bought the systems without an optical drive, it's likely that
"missing" device that's halting the post process. 

Enter the BIOS either locally or via Drac

F2 > SATA Settings > set the port to off > exit and save

If you didn't, you have to look at the entire POST output on the screen,
not just the lines above "Press F1..." to see what the 

error is - it will be shown during POST.


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