CPU Upgrade for Dell PowerEdge 1435SC

Jonathan B. Horen jbhoren at alaska.edu
Mon Feb 8 15:54:15 CST 2010

First of all, it would be a Good Thing if the mailing-list archives were
made searchable; this might have obviated my posting this message. However,
it's not (yet) so.

We're wanting to upgrade our Dell PowerEdge 1435SC from a single AMD Opteron
2210 CPU to dual-CPUs, and faster ones, at that. Dell's marketing material
states that the 1435SC can be populated with AMD 2200- and 2300-series CPUs
(dual- and quad-core, respectively). But, "once bitten, twice shy" they say,
so although I've searched for information regarding CPU compatibility with
this one's motherboard (0CK703, version A01), I've been unlucky at finding

Does anyone have first-hand experience with such a CPU upgrade?
Alternatively, can anyone point me in the direction of information regarding
such a CPU upgrade?


Systems Administrator
UAF Life Science Informatics
Center for Research Services
jbhoren at alaska.edu
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