Viewing NTFS Partitions

James Bensley jwbensley at
Mon Feb 8 00:24:32 CST 2010

I have the latest GParted live cd with which I am trying to resize my
NTFS partitions (grow the OS and shrink the data partition) on a
PowerEdge R200 but it seems to be taking an age to scan for
partitions. After booting into the live CD GParted pops up
automatically and after 30 mins I was still scanning for partitions,
is this normal? I have a RAID1 on a Perc 5/i?

Thinking there was something wrong I booted an Ubuntu live CD and I am
seeing the same thing, although with he Ubuntu live cd there is a
progress bar so I can see something is happening just bizarrely slow.
Its been scanning in Ubuntu for about 40 mins now, 66% through and the
HDD light is still locked on so its seems to be scanning. Has anyone
else experienced this?

James ;)

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