Third-party Anythings not permitted in Dell's

James Bensley jwbensley at
Sat Feb 6 10:24:03 CST 2010

I have this problem all the time with Dell.

I tried to buy 2x1TB 7.2k SATAII drives and they quoted me £600!!! I
bought them from dabs for £160 and they worked fine. Another time I
needed a replacement CD drive in a workstation, they sold me one for
£50, just a SATA II CD RW/DVD-ROM, after that I bought one from
Overclockers for £20. The list goes on, its disgraceful behaviour, its
the kind of thing Micro$hit would/do do.

James ;)

Samuel Goldwyn  - "I don't think anyone should write their
autobiography until after they're dead." -

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