Third-party Anythings not permitted in Dell's

William Warren hescominsoon at
Sat Feb 6 10:09:44 CST 2010

On 2/6/2010 10:40 AM, Linda A. Walsh wrote:
> I got an earful for ordering barebones machines -- Ordered the workstation
> equivalent of the 610/710 with same processor.
> But you can't buy a machine that's dual processor ready unless you
> buy the processor from them now.  They changed to a daughterboard setup
> on the workstation, so if you order it with 1 cpu expecting to upgrade
> later, you are SOL -- you have to buy a daughterboard from Dell, which,
> they won't sell you without a CPU.
> On the disks -- even though the machine has a SAS controller, if you
> don't order SAS disks from them they don't send you SAS connectors, but
> 2 separate SATA and power connectors that won't connect to a SAS drive.
> You need to buy the SAS connector separately from them later on.  Used
> to be they just had the 1 connector that fit both SAS and SATA, but they
> made it so you have to buy SAS up front to get the connectors.
> They are getting real bad on this type of "Dell only" stuff in all areas,
> not just servers.  Of course they refused to sell the disk caddies
> when the new systems came out -- because they were the only ones who had
> them at first. They aren't selling PC's anymore, as they are breaking
> the PC standards by including proprietary nonsense.  They seem to be trying
> to go more that direction as time goes on -- I suspect the writing is on
> the wall for them and they are trying to squeeze more blood out of customers
> to stave off the inevitable.   That is a really poor outlook as it only
> means they've given up trying to compete in the free market and think
> they need to use these underhanded methods in order to compete now.
> When they've lost confidence in their ability to compete on a level playing
> field, what does that say about them as a company?
> It's very sad, as I've been a Dell loyalist since the mid 90's.
> -l
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That's a sign of desperation in my book.  Now it's not only servers but 
workstations?  Looks like I need to re-evaluate my recommendations.

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