Dell OMSA 6.2 RHEL 5 64bit

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Fri Feb 5 07:53:26 CST 2010

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> Any ideas?
> g.

Well trawling back through the poweredge mails I found the tread:-

Re: PE2950, RHEL5.4 OMSA 6.2 - no go?

That recommended installing dell_ft_install

After that I'm now greeted with:-

omreport storage controller

No controllers found

check_openmanage now returns and OK status with:-

OK - System: 'PowerEdge 2950', SN: 'H89FJ2J', hardware working fine, 0 
logical drives, 0 physical drives

is this progress?

I seem to remember having a problem like this before. It was only 
corrected after a reboot.

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