R210 BIOS SoL setup not-intuitive etc.

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Thu Feb 4 06:27:55 CST 2010


Whilst I think of it setting up the SoL is pretty unintuitive on the 
R200 as well.  SoL only works on serial2, but nothing in the BIOS or BMC 
setup tells you this, and it's not the default BIOS serial port setting 
when you enable redirection (even if you have previously enabled SoL in 
the BMC configuration utility).

Although this is documented in the manual, I think the BIOS setup 
screens could really do with being fixed to communicate this info (just 
saying "serial 2/SoL" instead of "serial 2" would be a big improvement, 
and would seem to be a simple fix).

Similarly, you can't configure IPMI over LAN to use the LOM2 port 
(unless LOM1 has it's link down) - it sounds tome like the hardware 
would support this mode of operation, but there is no option to 
configure the BMC for this behaviour.

Overall these are minor niggles, tho', and I'm impressed with the 
quality/value/features of the R200.


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