R210 / L3426 power consumption figures - 40w idle!

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Thu Feb 4 06:09:35 CST 2010

John Hodrien wrote:
> So to be even more demanding, how does it compare with the self 
> monitoring
> output on your server?  I'd really like to know how much I can believe 
> the
> figures.
> # omreport chassis pwrmonitoring
> Power Consumption Information

Don't think I can help you there, I'm afraid - I didn't install omreport 
- I administer a variety of different manufacturer's systems, so like to 
avoid vendor-proprietary tools (in general, I've found them to be 
difficult to install, flakey, and generally more trouble than they were 

I just used ipmitool, and ipmievd (which installs in seconds on Debian, 
and I also use on Intel, HP, Tyan and IBM chassis), but that didn't 
report any power or current consumption figures - although fields were 
present in the IPMI Sensor Data Records, the BMC didn't produce any 
figures - I'd guess this is either not supported on this server, or not 
available with the base config.

The BMC only gave me SDR data for ambient temperatures and fan 1/2/3 
RPM.  If anyone from Dell thinks that the additional info should be 
available on the R200 base model, then I can probably install the Dell 
tools before the box goes into production (but I won't be able to do a 
side-by-side comparison using the meter, since the machine's currently 
en-route to a remote data centre).



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