No power consumption data via SNMP

Trond Hasle Amundsen t.h.amundsen at
Thu Feb 4 05:44:15 CST 2010

Robin Bowes <robin-lists at> writes:

> I use OpenNMS for monitoring - it automatically detects Dell OMSA data
> and monitors/logs/graphs it. I'm using OMSA 6.2.0 on R410 machines.
> I am getting temperature and system fan speed data but am not getting
> any system power consumption information.
> Indeed, if I look in OMSA I see:
> Power Consumption Information
> Error
> Current probes not found

We have the exact same problem on a couple of R710s, while other 11th
gen servers (R610 and R710) works fine. Not able to figure out what
caused this abnorml behaviour on *some* 11th gen servers, I reported the
problem to Dell. The official answer I got was that OMSA is not
officially supported on the OS I am running (RHEL5.4), because of
problems like this. This is a known problem on RHEL5.4, while RHEL5.3
and older should be fine.

I was told to expect a patch release of OMSA 6.2 which will fix this
problem, sometime in Q1 2010.

> I also have a couple of racks of PE1950s - they only report the
> temperature and system fan speed data and state that the power supply is
> not "Power Monitoring Capable".

This simply means that the servers are not capable of reporting power
monitoring, since they don't have amperage probes. Only 11th gen servers
(and some 10th gen) have this feature.

> So the first thing I want to establish is if I should be able to monitor
> power consumption on the R410s. If so, I then need to work out why I'm
> seeing the above error.

I don't have any R410s but from what I understand, these servers are
power monitoring capable. If not, you should be getting the same error
as from the 1950s.

Trond H. Amundsen <t.h.amundsen at>
Center for Information Technology Services, University of Oslo

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