R210 / L3426 power consumption figures - 40w idle!

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Thu Feb 4 05:12:22 CST 2010

Matt Domsch wrote:
> The Dell Advanced Power Control feature is enabled by default in BIOS
> SETUP, which prevents the OS from managing it.  If you prefer to have
> the OS do it, disable this feature in BIOS.

Thanks for that information Matt - must have missed that in the BIOS 
(all the other systems which I've configured have defaulted to OS Control).

On reflection, I suppose I'm a bit surprised that this must be set in 
the BIOS - I'd have thought that if the OS tries to take control of 
frequency scaling, the BIOS should automatically relinquish control at 
that point....

I also think that unless you take the trouble to read the manual, it's 
not really obvious from the string "Active Power Control", that this 
means "BIOS control only - no OS control".



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