Non dell disks in MD3000 chassis?

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All MD3x00x enclosure do only support Dell drives. In fact all other
drive are reported as 'not certified'. 
You won't be able to get non-Dell drives running properly. 


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We have a number of MD3000s, currently they have 15 x 146GB SAS 15000
RPM Dell disks.

Following some consolidation work we have a few which MD3000s which we
don't need in production right now.

We would like to use some of them as a large pool of scratch space for
some non production applications.
We are planning on filling them with 2TB SATA drives and using
software raid on the host to build large volumes.

We got some quotes from our Dell team, but even after some back and
forth it's still a lot more then we are willing to spend for what
amounts to an experiment.

Does anyone have experience purchasing cheap non Dell drives and
putting them in Dell caddies?

In particular, does anyone know if the MD series have a list of
allowed disk firmwares or something similar?



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