No power consumption data via SNMP

Robin Bowes robin-lists at
Wed Feb 3 19:47:01 CST 2010


I use OpenNMS for monitoring - it automatically detects Dell OMSA data
and monitors/logs/graphs it. I'm using OMSA 6.2.0 on R410 machines.

I am getting temperature and system fan speed data but am not getting
any system power consumption information.

Indeed, if I look in OMSA I see:

Power Consumption Information

Current probes not found

I also have a couple of racks of PE1950s - they only report the
temperature and system fan speed data and state that the power supply is
not "Power Monitoring Capable".

So the first thing I want to establish is if I should be able to monitor
power consumption on the R410s. If so, I then need to work out why I'm
seeing the above error.

Any ideas?


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