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Wed Feb 3 14:18:14 CST 2010

> From: Tim Small <tim at>
> Subject: R210 / L3426 power consumption figures - 40w idle!
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> Hi,
> I've had an R210 recently to set up for a client and thought I'd share
> the power consumption figures that I recorded with the list.

Fine idea, thanks!

> Basically, very impressive results IMO, when you consider the last
> (X3220) which I set up used 135-odd watts idle...
> Disks: 2x 250G Seagate ES.3 SATA
> RAM: 8G in 4 sticks (not sure if it was 1066, or 1333 DDR3)
> CPU: L3426
> Kernel: Debian 2.6.30-bpo.2-amd64
> Supply voltage: 240
> Ambient Temp: 20 degrees

Do you have a PERC in there too?

> With 100% CPU usage (on all 4 cores),and having issued an "ipmitool mc
> reset cold" command, whilst spinning-up both hard disks having
> previously put them to sleep with "hdparm -Y": 0.56 amps / 131 watts

An interesting comparison is the Dell power calculator website.  I got
167.1 watts for a 220VAC configuration similar to yours.  the 1066 vs
1333 MHz memory causes about a 3watt jump, iirc (the calculator just
crashed on me...)

I used

which is what you get when you type in for the
calculator tool.

For other servers, sometimes the Regulatory Datasheets give power
outputs.  Note there are a couple of these pages on the Dell website,
only the current one has all the R-series servers.  There is one page
with just a couple.


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