PowerEdge 1950 ECC question...

Tim Small tim at seoss.co.uk
Wed Feb 3 11:22:36 CST 2010

It seems probable that the memory fault is causing the BIOS to crash 
before it gets a chance to enable ECC - thus no errors are logged.  It 
could also be a bus-loading issue with the FB-DIMMs (such that no memory 
can be issued - maybe a faulty AMB chip on one of the sticks).

Try the system with half the original RAM in at a time - you could also 
try moving each stick up by four slots (and wrapping round).


Henrik Schmiediche wrote:
> Did that. The system is up using new RAM and OMSA and related utilities are
> running. There are no memory related entries in the ESM log. Old ram freezes
> system, but no error of any kind is generated in ESM, memtest, mpmemory,
> dell diags.

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