PowerEdge 1950 ECC question...

Henrik Schmiediche henrik at stat.tamu.edu
Wed Feb 3 10:21:10 CST 2010

I cannot get the node to startup to the point where OMSA runs. It freezes on
startup with the bad RAM.

  - Henrik

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Are you running OMSA?  It usually is able to pinpoint which stick is the
cause of single bit errors.  It can be helpful to stress the RAM with some
heavy compiles/DMA to make the bad stick throw an SBE sooner.

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>      Hello,
> Is it possible to turn ECC off on the PowerEdge 1950? I have servers
> from
> other manufacturer where this is possible, but I cannot find this
> option in
> the PE 1950. I'd like to test the memory with ECC turned off.
> Here is Background:
> I have a PowerEdge 1950 (one of over 100+ identical systems) that
> freezes on
> startup. I can reimage the node fine, the freeze on startup persists.
> The
> node passes Dell Diagnostics including overnight memory testing.
> Nothing in
> the ESM log.
> I reseated the RAM and other components. No solution.
> On a lark I decided to change all 8 memory sticks.. this solved the
> problem!
> The system starts up fine.
> So it seems there is a bad memory module, but I have no idea which
> ones. I
> am trying to avoid the one-by-one (or batch-by-batch) testing method
> and I
> was thinking that (maybe) turning ECC off might help locate the bad
> module.
> Any ideas?
>   - Henrik
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