PowerEdge 1950 ECC question...

Henrik Schmiediche henrik at stat.tamu.edu
Wed Feb 3 10:08:50 CST 2010

Is it possible to turn ECC off on the PowerEdge 1950? I have servers from
other manufacturer where this is possible, but I cannot find this option in
the PE 1950. I'd like to test the memory with ECC turned off.

Here is Background:

I have a PowerEdge 1950 (one of over 100+ identical systems) that freezes on
startup. I can reimage the node fine, the freeze on startup persists. The
node passes Dell Diagnostics including overnight memory testing. Nothing in
the ESM log.

I reseated the RAM and other components. No solution.

On a lark I decided to change all 8 memory sticks.. this solved the problem!
The system starts up fine.

So it seems there is a bad memory module, but I have no idea which ones. I
am trying to avoid the one-by-one (or batch-by-batch) testing method and I
was thinking that (maybe) turning ECC off might help locate the bad module.

Any ideas?

  - Henrik

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