Debian Lenny on R610 with PERC 6/i

Rob Heilman rheilman at
Tue Feb 2 15:50:45 CST 2010

Thank you for the reminder about the USC.  Even though it said I was up to date on all my code levels (including BIOS 1.3.6), I let it run a full platform update.  After the update Lenny is now able get to the Grub menu.  

It looks like the drive orders are being changed/manipulated a bit between install and first boot as that I am getting Grub "Error 15" messages.  A manual edit of the Grub menu easily fixes that.  In my case changing hd(1,0) to hd(0,0) and /dev/sdbX to /dev/sdaX (where X is the partition number) lets me get to single user mode where I can update the fstab and menu.lst.

Thanks again to everyone who replied.

-Rob Heilman

On Feb 2, 2010, at 5:34 AM, ROUSSEL Kévin wrote:

> rheilman at a écrit :
>> I have dumbed down the config to just root, swap, and home on primary  partitons.  It still hangs immediately after the DRAC.  Any other ideas?
>> I am going to grab Ubuntu and SuSE iso's just to test.  Unfortunately  the app  developer we are working with insists on Debian Lenny.  While  I do like Debian it never has been a great choice for "new" hardware  configs...
>> Rob Heilman via mobile
> Well, I have three R610 servers running Debian Lenny, with PERC6/i.
> In my configuration, only '/boot' is on its primary ext2 partition, all the other ones ('/', '/usr', and so on) is on LVM.
> First question: are your firmwares up to date. I think especially to the PERC6 firmware, and the BIOS. I knew I had problems with my servers, until I upgraded the BIOS to version 1.2.6. If you have BIOS version 1.1.4 or earlier, upgrading it could tremendously improve your situation.
> Reminder: on the last gen. servers, you can upgrade your firmwares without booting any OS by pressing F10 during the startup sequence...
> See for the details.
> Apart from that, the only big difference I can see between your configuration and mine, is that I use the PERC6/i do hardware RAID level 1 (mirroring)...
> If the firmware versions are not the problem, and while you seem to be able to reconfigure your machine from scratch, could you try to configure your system with RAID-1 arrays (or even no RAID at all) to see if it eases things ?
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