Debian Lenny on R610 with PERC 6/i

ROUSSEL Kévin Kevin.Roussel at
Tue Feb 2 04:34:11 CST 2010

rheilman at a écrit :
> I have dumbed down the config to just root, swap, and home on primary  
> partitons.  It still hangs immediately after the DRAC.  Any other ideas?
> I am going to grab Ubuntu and SuSE iso's just to test.  Unfortunately  
> the app  developer we are working with insists on Debian Lenny.  While  
> I do like Debian it never has been a great choice for "new" hardware  
> configs...
> Rob Heilman via mobile

Well, I have three R610 servers running Debian Lenny, with PERC6/i.

In my configuration, only '/boot' is on its primary ext2 partition, all 
the other ones ('/', '/usr', and so on) is on LVM.

First question: are your firmwares up to date. I think especially to the 
PERC6 firmware, and the BIOS. I knew I had problems with my servers, 
until I upgraded the BIOS to version 1.2.6. If you have BIOS version 
1.1.4 or earlier, upgrading it could tremendously improve your situation.

Reminder: on the last gen. servers, you can upgrade your firmwares 
without booting any OS by pressing F10 during the startup sequence...
See for the details.

Apart from that, the only big difference I can see between your 
configuration and mine, is that I use the PERC6/i do hardware RAID level 
1 (mirroring)...

If the firmware versions are not the problem, and while you seem to be 
able to reconfigure your machine from scratch, could you try to 
configure your system with RAID-1 arrays (or even no RAID at all) to see 
if it eases things ?


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