R410's shipped out with BIOS showing 4 cores instead of 8

Robert von Bismarck robert.vonbismarck at vtx-telecom.ch
Mon Feb 1 11:02:10 CST 2010

> Thanks guys for helping out! I got the official answer from 
> Dell just a few minutes ago. Apparently the Dell servers are 
> doing this strange BIOS setting by design. I quote my 
> Technical Account Manager below.
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> My apologies we were quite busy today, and I was just about 
> to email you with the results. I have been able to check our 
> tools, and with several technicians. The bios setting by 
> default is set to dual. This is the same for the R710, R410, 
> and R510 servers. As of right now it looks like the only way 
> to change that is by either physically going to each server, 
> and booting into the bios and changing the processor settings.
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>  R410's R710 and R510 all are doing this currently (says my TAM).
> I can't say why but I was told it's a "feature" not a "bug". 
> Very non-intuitive to me. I can't see why an 8 core server 
> defaulting to 4 core makes sense.....

We got two R410 exhibiting the same "feature" here.
It's probably a "feature" for some alternative OS's that require
licensing on a per-core basis.
For higher performance, is it better to have two quad-core acting as
dual-core processors due to bios setting, or one quad-core ?



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