How to downgrade bnx2 nic driver on r610 w/ rhel 5

Tapan Talati (eci) tapan.talati at
Mon Feb 1 10:24:33 CST 2010

Hey Guys - I have an R610 that's giving me a lot of errors on the nic
interface eth1.


I ran ethtool -i eth1 and found that it's running a more recent bnx2
driver than my other R610.


ethtool -i eth1

driver: bnx2

version: 1.9.3

firmware-version: 5.0.6 NCSI 2.0.3

bus-info: 0000:01:00.1


I'd like to downgrade the driver to version: 1.6.9 - which runs fine on
my other machine.


How would I do accomplish this?

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