PERC 6/i Integrated / High "Other Error Count":

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This is why Dell doesn't want you using the LSI tools, because they are often hard to understand. :)

That being said, "Other Error Count" is just a bucket for anything wrong with the drive that doesn't include the actual media. So if the firmware returns certain SENSE codes or if the SMART for temperature problems is raised, etc. Unless you have these errors on multiple drives, I'd say it's pretty safe to assume it's just a single drive failure/problem.

To be sure you can look at the controller log (called TTY log in the LSI utilities) this should list all the failure events for the drive and the cause.

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I'm seeing a high "Other Error Count" on a drive on a Dell PowerEdge R710.

PD: 3 Information
Enclosure Device ID: 32
Slot Number: 5
Device Id: 5
Sequence Number: 3
Media Error Count: 0
Other Error Count: 789965
Predictive Failure Count: 0
Last Predictive Failure Event Seq Number: 0
Raw Size: 572325MB [0x45dd2fb0 Sectors]
Non Coerced Size: 571813MB [0x45cd2fb0 Sectors]
Coerced Size: 571776MB [0x45cc0000 Sectors]
Firmware state: Failed

What does "Other Error Count" mean?  Nothing useful is coming up while
I'm googling on this subject - I've never seen an "Other Error Count"
on Dell boxes before that is > 0  Does this mean that I have a
hardware issue with the raid controller in the PER710?


Jacques Marneweck

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