Debian Lenny on R610 with PERC 6/i

ROUSSEL Kévin Kevin.Roussel at
Mon Feb 1 02:48:01 CST 2010

Rob Heilman a écrit :
> I am attempting to install Debian Lenny on a Dell R610 equipped with a PERC 6/i controller.  I built a 4+1 (500GB Seagates) RAID 5 group in the PERC BIOS and left another disk for a hot spare.  I was able to boot from the Debian DVD, create LVM, partitions, etc.  Other than the bnx2 firmware it was a very non-eventful install process.
> When the machine attempts to boot from the PERC based drive it simply hangs.  The last thing I see is from the DRAC:
> Press <CRTL-E> for Remote Access Setup within 5 sec.........
> After that just a line wrap or two when the 5 seconds lapses.
> My assumption is that something is wrong with the boot loader process.  Is the 1.8TB LUN/SD exceeding a size limit I am unaware of?  Do I need any particular modules/drivers in the initrd to allow it to boot?  Any other ideas?  

During the Debian Lenny install, which version of GRUB did you choose to
install? I would recommend install the "legacy" version (GRUB 0.9x), the
newer version of GRUB (1.9x) is still not considered stable by Debian.

Other question, could you give us more precision on how you configured
the PERC and disks (like RAID level, for example) ?

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