Debian Lenny on R610 with PERC 6/i

Rob Heilman rheilman at
Mon Feb 1 02:00:12 CST 2010

I am attempting to install Debian Lenny on a Dell R610 equipped with a PERC 6/i controller.  I built a 4+1 (500GB Seagates) RAID 5 group in the PERC BIOS and left another disk for a hot spare.  I was able to boot from the Debian DVD, create LVM, partitions, etc.  Other than the bnx2 firmware it was a very non-eventful install process.

When the machine attempts to boot from the PERC based drive it simply hangs.  The last thing I see is from the DRAC:

Press <CRTL-E> for Remote Access Setup within 5 sec.........

After that just a line wrap or two when the 5 seconds lapses.

My assumption is that something is wrong with the boot loader process.  Is the 1.8TB LUN/SD exceeding a size limit I am unaware of?  Do I need any particular modules/drivers in the initrd to allow it to boot?  Any other ideas?  

Rob Heilman

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