How to send sysrq command when external serial port used in a R710?

Frank Wang wg at
Tue Aug 31 13:17:39 CDT 2010

Hi all,
    The ipmitool used to work fine with our old Dell servers, say PE2950,
when sysrq command required. But one of our new R710s with an iDRAC6
enterprise card, version 1.50, has problem with it. To use the
ipmitool tool, SOL has to be enabled in the iDRAC6, and that'll
disable the external serial port automatically. This is not an option
for the server as the external serial port is required by one of the
services. Now I have two options left, one is from the ssh/telnet
'console com2' session, the other is the java virtual console. The
break key working in ipmitool won't do for the former, and the Sysrq
or Alt-sysrq macro in the virtual console doesn't work either.
    Does anyone has any experience here?
    Thanks in advance!

Frank Wang

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