>16tb filesystems on linux

Kevin Davidson kevin at indigospring.co.uk
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On 26 Aug 2010, at 18:26, Nick Stephens <nick at ceiva.com> wrote:

> I recently purchased a PE610 with a PERC6 card attached to an MD1000 
> with about 26TB of space.  I know from my own research that ext4 
> supports up to an exabyte, however it appears that the e2fs team has not 
> yet created a mkfs.ext4 that supports anything bigger than 16TB.

Exactly how many disks and what size? How much usable space Di you expect to get? You should almost certainly be looking RAID10 or similar or you will get hit by 2nd/3rd disks failing during a rebuild. That's half already, so your problem is solved - your filesystem only needs to be 13TB. 

> I have played with XFS in the past, and sadly it's performance is 
> severely lacking for our environment, so it is not an option.
> I am very interested in ZFS, but it seems like it will never make it (in 
> a stable fashion) into the linux world at this rate.
> Does anyone have any tips or tricks for this scenario?  I am utilizing 
> RHEL5 based installations, btw.

With that much data you really should be looking at ZFS. Haven't tried, but could you consider running a Solaris variant as host OS and effectively a NAS for a virtualised RHEL? Or install RHEL on a second box and connect via iSCSI?

You haven't told us anything about your application and its requirements so it's a bit difficult to advise. 

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