>16tb filesystems on linux

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you could try GFS2, if you are RHEL 5.5 AP 64bit.   Here is a quote from the top of this documentation:



GFS2 is based on a 64-bit architecture, which can theoretically accommodate an 8 EB file system.
However, the current supported maximum size of a GFS2 file system is 25 TB. If your system requires
GFS2 file systems larger than 25 TB, contact your Red Hat service representative.

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a PE610 with a PERC6 card attached to an MD1000
with about 26TB of space. I know from my own research that ext4
supports up to an exabyte, however it appears that the e2fs team has not
yet created a mkfs.ext4 that supports anything bigger than 16TB.

I have played with XFS in the past, and sadly it's performance is
severely lacking for our environment, so it is not an option.

I am very interested in ZFS, but it seems like it will never make it (in
a stable fashion) into the linux world at this rate.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for this scenario? I am utilizing
RHEL5 based installations, btw.


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