Inconsistent and not smooth update_firmare experience on two identical R710s

Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at Jeffrey_L_Mendoza at
Thu Aug 26 11:47:36 CDT 2010

> Checking NetXtreme II BCM5708 Gigabit Ethernet rev 12 (eth1) - 4.6.8
> 	Did not find a newer package to install that meets all installation
> checks.
>     The BCM5708 version is 4.6.8, but is not listed for update here.

This is checking the local file system (/usr/share/firmware) for any firmware that is newer than the inventoried firmware version (4.6.8). The output says that there is no firmware found in /usr/share/firmware that matches this device.

The problem happened when it tried to install all applicable firmware rpms, the 'yum install $(bootstrap_firmware)' step. Try this again. Also, you can run 'bootstrap_firmware -v' by itself to ensure that your Broadcom devices are being inventoried.


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