SUU_6.3.0_267 DVD

Matthew Geier matthew at
Mon Aug 23 18:48:30 CDT 2010

On 24/08/10 01:56, Andrey Dmitriev wrote:
> Created DVD.. Dell claims it's bootable, but it's not.
> Looking at the instructions on the DVD, looks like you need to run it
> from a 'supported OS'
> Can someone clarify
> 1) is it supposed to be bootable? if yes, what are we doing wrong.

 It didn't work for me and as far as I can determine it doesn't actually
contain the files required to be bootable.

> 2) if not, has anyone gotten it to work off debian (we haven't tried yet)

 I got the 'OMSA Live' CD, turned it into a PXE Boot image, booted that
(a cut down Centos) over the network and that is a 'support OS' for the

 The SUU application wasn't happy with my Ubuntu machines and I seem to
recall it wasn't particularly happy with RHEL 5.5 either.

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