SUU_6.3.0_267 DVD

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To confirm on your questions 	1 - SUU is not bootable DVD. The DVD
helps to update the system FW and Drivers. Please refer below the
description of the Utility. Thanks.

Dell Server Updates includes OpenManage(tm) Dell Server Update Utility,
a local 1-to-1 one step utility to update BIOS, firmware and Windows
Drivers to the latest version. Server Update Utility will allow user to
compare the current versions on the system to those on the media and
choose appropriate components for upgrade and/or downgrade. 


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 Created DVD.. Dell *support) claims it's bootable, but it's doesn't
look like it.
 Looking at the instructions on the DVD, looks like you need to run it
from a 'supported OS'

 Can someone clarify
 1) is it supposed to be bootable? if yes, what are we doing wrong.

 2) if not, has anyone gotten it to work off debian (we haven't tried
yet), or is there another version of a bootable CD/DVD that updates
firmware on servers?


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