Performance of MD1220 on Perc H800 slower than MD1120 on Perc/6E

Marc Stephenson marc.stephenson at
Thu Aug 19 12:38:03 CDT 2010

There have been no noticeable changes in performance with RHEL 5.5 vs Centos 5.5 while attached to an R610 and MD1220. Dell is still working on it but so far they can't duplicate the performance issue that I am consistently seeing across 2 servers. I can say that I won't continue to buy Dell storage products in the future if I can't get this issue resolved =/

My MD1220's shipped with 2.5inch Seagate ST9300603SS drives. I can't really comment on the differences between the 2.5inch and 3.5inch hard drive variety though.


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On 08/16/2010 09:59 PM, Marc Stephenson wrote:
> Their next recommendation was to try installing RHEL 5 which I'm working
> on now. Has anyone else seen performance problems on their MD1220's?

Hi Marc,

Any new performance values on RHEL 5 ?
Why are you using sysbench? Have you tried other tools?

We are getting a MD1200 and a H800 controller the next days, and I am
very interested in your results. We are going to use also XFS.

Your HDDs are 2.5", right? Aren't this drives slower than the 3.5" ones?

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