external ESATA drives in a R610

Bond Masuda bond.masuda at jlbond.com
Thu Aug 19 02:39:23 CDT 2010

In my experience, the controllers with Silicon Image chipsets provide the
best support for eSATA hotplugging. The driver is already in the kernel of
RHEL. Beware that trying to convert one of the internal SATA to eSATA may
not work; some of the SATA controllers by Intel don't implement the hotplug
capability and will lock up the system with a bus reset. I learned this the
hard way and after much research found that the Silicon Image controllers
were more capable. I think, going from memory from a couple of years ago, I
used the Sil3132 chip based controller.


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> Subject: external ESATA drives in a R610
> I'm interested in adding hotplug ESATA capability with port multiplier
> for backup purposes to something like an R610.   Is this supported by
> any of the Dell external SAS controllers (don't need raid for this).
> The machine would already be running SAS disks for it's primary
> internal
> disks.
> Would these controllers use the AHCI or another of the better
> performing
> drivers included with Redhat?
> I've also considered various external ESATA cards, but I'm unsure which
> ones might work well with Redhat in a poweredge.  I would prefer to
> stay
> away from drivers provided by the card manufacturer.
> A 4 port x8 card would be nice.  I found a few of the following silicon
> image based cards which would be great if they worked with the
> sata_sil24 driver, but I have no way of knowing in advance which driver
> will load.   Any other suggestions are welcome.
> http://eshop.macsales.com/item/DAT%20Optic/ESATAPCIE8/
> This one seems to be a raid version of the one above, but I prefer
> non-hardware raid for data archival purposes.
> http://www.datoptic.com/four-esata-pci-express.html
> http://www.addonics.com/products/host_controller/adsa3gpx8-4em.asp
> Thank you,
> Nataraj
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