OMSA 6.3 from dell repo - no controller found

Rainer Traut at
Thu Aug 12 02:48:32 CDT 2010

Hi Raghavendra,

Am 12.08.2010 07:09, schrieb Raghavendra_Biligiri at
> Rainer,
> In the initial observations which you shared most of the OM services
> were not running.
> Please try to :
> 1. restart the OM services and see if this resolves the problem.
> 2. If #1 doesn't resolve, then reinstall OM and check. Better to check
> if all the OM rpms are installed.

I have reinstalled the software (OMSA 6.3 32bit, 64bit, from tar.gz and 
from dell repo) a couple of times, restarted services a couple of times 
and rebooted the servers a couple of times.

Here is an example output of the services' states:
# status
dell_rbu (module) is running
ipmi driver is running
dsm_sa_datamgrd (pid 27652) is running
dsm_sa_eventmgrd (pid 27908) is running
dsm_sa_snmpd (pid 27967) is running
dsm_om_shrsvcd (pid 28040) is running
dsm_om_connsvcd (pid 28096 28095) is running


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