dkms problems with moduls megaraid_sas and bnx2

Rainer Traut at
Wed Aug 11 03:01:37 CDT 2010

Dear list,

how is dkms supposed to handle kernel updates?

Sys: EL5.5 x86_64, dkms-, megaraid_sas-v00.00.04.29-1, 
netxtreme2-5.2.55-1.dkms (contains bnx2 v2.0.8)

Tonight RedHat has released a new kernel which - after reboot - shows my 
system with stock RedHat moduls, not the dell dkms provided ones (only 
bnx2 now, megaraid is the same)

Broadcom NetXtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Driver bnx2 v2.0.2 (Aug 21, 2009)

but "dkms status" gives for this new kernel:
netxtreme2, 5.2.55, 2.6.18-194.11.1.el5, x86_64: installed-weak from 

and a find in lib/modules

Afaik, weak-updates is not used if there is a stock driver.

How can I solve this now?
Should I completely uninstall the bnx2 rpm and reinstall?
Or is there some dkms magic that solves this?


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