multiple streaming servers in a cloud

Tapas Mishra mightydreams at
Mon Aug 9 02:08:03 CDT 2010

 I need some help.
This question is not directly related to Power Edge but some sys admins here
can understand my problem and let me know how to proceed.

Please go through the message if you have any suggestion let me know or
what can be the right approach for this.

I have multiple video streaming servers running on some machines internally
on LAN.
For different subdomains.

The front end to the world is apache2 on a Bastion Host.
I do not have a DNS running over there.

To be able to reach the streaming server I
embed a javascript in HTML pages
as follows

<embed .....


the problem is the website are many

each on a separate physical server.

Each of these four have their own streaming servers the front end to each of
these four is a common Bastion Host.

If I run rtmp on each of the subdomains at a different port

how will I make sure
a request such as


goes to their respective servers.
from the front end server.

What do I need to handle in this case ?

IPTABLES came to mind instantly but from the client browser on internet when
some one requests

how will I make sure this rtmp request is mapped to a port different than
1935 as there are three other streaming servers which are also to respond to
their respective requests

For handling HTTP requests in this case I use Apache Reverse Proxy
but for rtmp requests I am not clear as which direction to proceed.

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