For you other Linux "recyclers" out there

Robert von Bismarck robert.vonbismarck at
Fri Aug 6 03:17:21 CDT 2010

> Still got some 2550's on web-serving duty, and a 350 on DNS 
> server duty.
> Solid boxes (well maybe not the 350 lol)
> Mark.

Yup, still have a couple 2550 on duty as smtp relays here. The only
issue with them is the price of those SCSI disks which are nearly twice
as expensive as recent SAS drives of equal capacity. Oh, and the 2550
are quite slow too :)
As a matter of fact, we just virtualized an old Dell PowerApp 110
(single celeron 600 with 256Mb ram) that was still happily serving
webpages until the day ESX came into our datacenter on a brand-new R410.
It took about 20hours to run through the apache logs with webalizer on
the old box, about 2 minutes on the virtualized box :)


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