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Alexander Dupuy alex.dupuy at
Thu Aug 5 14:11:51 CDT 2010

Jefferson Ogata wrote:
> > ** First thing you should do in BMC setup is reset to default. The BMCs
> > often ship with a weird non-default setting that will cause lots of
> > serial port feedback if you try to run a getty on the serial console.

Rahul Nabar replied:
> Is it possible to do this step in an automated fashion? i.e. without
> using the Manual Ctrl+E?
> Would ipmitool, or syscfg or another equivalent tool have the way of
> setting the BMC SOL? I already set the BMC's IP and pasword using
> ipmitool.
Sorry this reply is a bit late, but hopefully still useful to you and/or 
future readers of the archives.

You can reset the BMC to default settings with syscfg, and then also use 
it to disable the serial IPMI support (IPMI over serial, not serial over 
LAN) that causes the weirdness, and finally use it to configure the SoL 

syscfg --loaddefaults

syscfg serialchannelaccess --ipmioverserial=disable

syscfg lancfgparams --ipaddrsrc=dhcp
syscfg lancfgparams --nicselection=shared
syscfg lanchannelaccess --ipmioverlan=alwaysavail
syscfg solcfgparams --solbitrate=57600

(some of the last bunch might be for DRAC only - I run all of these 
commands and just ignore the failures when they don't apply)

Note that you must have /dev/ipmi0 device and IPMI drivers loaded for 
these commands to work - if you are using these in a kickstart 
environment you will have to do it in the (chroot'ed) post-install 
environment and you will probably need to explicitly load the IPMI 
drivers (/etc/init.d/ipmi start) and possibly udev as well...

Note that for DRAC/iDRAC6 you would use racadm to reset to defaults (but 
they don't have this serial console weirdness, so you probably would not 
need to).


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