LCD Display on R710

Tim Small tim at
Thu Aug 5 08:17:57 CDT 2010

On 17/12/09 19:00, Alexander Dupuy wrote:
> you can use [...] the Dell-modified ipmitool ( or
> # ipmitool delloem lcd help
>     lcd set {mode}|{lcdqualifier}|{errordisplay}
>     lcd set mode {none}|{modelname}|{ipv4address}|{macaddress}|
>     {systemname}|{servicetag}|{ipv6address}|{ambienttemp}
>     {systemwatt }|{assettag}|{userdefined}<text>  

> [...and lots more...]

Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but out of interest which version 
are you running to get those options?  I used the binaries from 
launchpad (1.8.9+patches and 1.8.11+patches), and also compiled the 
1.8.6 version from the src rpm, and I only get:

ipmitool-with-dell-hacks/ipmitool-1.8.6$ ./src/ipmitool delloem lcd help

    lcd set {none}|{default}|{custom <text>}
       Set LCD text displayed during non-fault conditions

    lcd info
       Show LCD text that is displayed during non-fault conditions

... and that's all.


p.s. Any word on when Dell is going to sort their patches out and get 
them in upstream ipmitool so we don't have to put up with this bollocks?

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