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Quoting James Bensley <jwbensley at gmail.com>:

> IPMI is great, but if every server has it it's useless unless you can
> monitor all you servers from a central place so how are people doing
> this?
> Do Dell offer a solution for this?

Dell offers non-IPMI solutions (openmanage, drac, etc).

> I see there is a plug-in for Nagios, but is this the most reliable and
> useful option? I have found Nagios IPMI plug-ins such as;

There are a number of great monitoring systems which are at their core
using nagios to monitor things.  I would suggest one of these over just
a plain nagios install, since they layer a lot of stuff on top of nagios.

Having said that, I do use nagios to monitor my Dell machines, but not
via IPMI (rather openmanage, etc).

> http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Hardware/Server-Hardware/Dell/Dell-BMC-IPMI-Checks/details

That is rather limited compared to what you can do via e.g., openmanage.
Sure, the overhead on the server is less, but the amount of data is also

> But seeing as we don't use Nagios I don't want to have to set it up
> just for this, has anyone else found any other ways of monitoring
> multiple IPMI interfaces or is Nagios worth the effort perhaps?

So far, I've not had the need since openmanage works for me (even on
"unsupported" systems).  I suppose if I couldn't run something better
on a Dell machine for some reason, I would use IPMI with nagios, but
that hasn't been needed yet.

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