Recommendations for JBOD to add storage to my R410

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at
Wed Aug 4 11:12:25 CDT 2010

I've used MD1000's in the past but that involves buying a PERCe and
doing hardware RAID. I am tending towards doing a software RAID config
this time by using mdadm and just needed a minimalistic JBOD to put
SATA drives in to. The R410 will only take 4 internal drives (and
already using one drive for the OS) whereas I need 8 drives. So I do
need some external storage. I was planning on using 8, 1-Terabyte SATA

Any recommendations for a suitable JBOD model? I couldn't find
anything suitable on the website....

This is going to be dedicated storage for this particular server so
SAN, iSCSI, fiber channel etc. are overkills. Performance is not very
important since this will be a backup box so my 100 Mbps network link
is probably the bottleneck.


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