How to setup raid on 20x servers automatically? (up2date --solvedeps=$(bootstrap_firmware -u crashing sometimes)

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Wed Aug 4 08:41:55 CDT 2010

I'm the author of firmware-tools, but our openmanage team now officially supports it. The repository is created by the openmanage team, I dont have any involvement with it. The only repo I do is the /repo/firmware, which is community support only. I've not monitored linux-poweredge for a while, mostly due to being overwhelmed with 'real' work stuff, but I'm in the process of trying to catch up. Whether or not that happens isnt yet clear to me. :/

As for your issue... I've not had any chance to check what happens with firmware-tools as part of an anaconda install. I certainly dont think it should be any different from a normal install, but on the other hand, I've been surprised by behaviour there before.

The first thing to do would be to find out which command is failing. Is it the bootstrap_firmware command that fails, or the up2date command that fails? If it is up2date, then "not my problem"(TM). Can you try it as two steps?
   firmware_list=$(bootstrap_firmware -u)
   echo List of pkgs to install: $firmware_list
   up2date --solvedeps=$firmware_list

Next, if bootstrap_firmware is actually failing, then I'll need to look at it to see what logging I have, as I dont really remember. There really isnt anything in bootstrap_firmware that fails easily.

The 'no handlers' error message should be ignorable, as it affects only logging.

From: Chris Skretowski [chris.skretowski at]
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To: Brown, Michael E
Subject: FW: How to setup raid on 20x servers automatically? (up2date   --solvedeps=$(bootstrap_firmware -u crashing sometimes)

Hi Michael,

I hope you are doing well!
Sorry to bother you, but I've seen some of your emails related to dell
firmware and linux and I'm guessing that you are a author/maintainer of
dell repo?

This is an email which I've sent to linux-poweredge at

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From: Chris Skretowski
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Subject: RE: How to setup raid on 20x servers automatically? (up2date
--solvedeps=$(bootstrap_firmware -u crashing sometimes)

Hi Guys,

I'm still having this problem. It is 100% random, there is nothing I can
do to reproduce (or not) this problem. Basically, sometimes install goes
through and sometimes doesn't (mostly doesn't).

What could I do to actually see what's failing? Up2date -v doesn't
Does anyone else have this problem? Is it only me updating servers in
anaconda (from kickstart)?

I though that it makes perfect sense to do upgrades while installing OS,

Some extra info:

- 20 servers T310
- OS: RHEL 4.8, selinux off, install via PXE then NFS. Extras (dell
repo) - http server on the same network). No problems with http (apache,
centos 5.5)
- I'm getting: No handlers could be found for logger
- all servers are affected
- RAID1, fully initialized.
- on console 2 I can see bootstrap_firmware running.
- random - sometimes it goes through
- I've looked on google: apart from my post and this discussion:

I can't see much more...

Is this a known bug? Is there anything what I'm doing wrong?
Many thanks in advance!

Kind Regards
Chris Skretowski MCSE: S+M, MCTS

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