SAN upgradition, Request for suggestions

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> Hello,
> I am planning to upgrade my SAN storage(Dell PV660F). We have around
> 500GB of data and using oracle. We need RAID level 0,1,5,10 and storage
> up to 2TB is sufficient for now and and Harddrive must be SAS or SCSI
> Fibre HDs. Someone please suggest which model of SAN product suits us.
>  Please share the experience on using different products.
> I have selected Dell EMC CX300, since it is entry level SAN device. I
> will be very Thankful if anyone could share the experience on CX300.

You did not mention what your server was.  Probably you need to consider updating it too.

We did a medium-size EMC CX4-480 last year (20TB).  I found the EMC management software was fairly complex for such a simple system (a number of RAID-10 sets).  Although the EMC can certainly do all you ask.  It was expensive as well.  One hint:  EMC does not mention it but they use partitions on several drives (I think it was 4) to store configuration information.  You either avoid using those drives altogether or you only get use of part of them.

Your data size is now relatively small (!)  2TB is not much at all.  

For Oracle, typically the current advice is set up all storage as RAID-10 (mirrored pairs are striped for performance).  There are a few reasons: rebuild time is much better than RAID-5 or RAID-6; and multiple failures can be tolerated.  As disks are relatively inexpensive the incremental cost is low over RAID-5.

If you have multiple servers accessing the SAN, you still need to maintain SAN capability.  iSCSI devices such as Equallogic on 1-gig or 10-gig Ethernet are much less trouble to setup and to maintain, and provide a SAN without Fibre Channel issues.  You may find this less expensive than EMC.


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