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I don't know if anyone has responded to this yet, but the Sara web site has a bug listed for Ubuntu 10.04 and dsm_sa_snmpd.  Ubuntu is running the 2.6.32 kernel.  I have encountered this with Nagios monitoring machines via SNMP with OMSA 6.0.  The problem shows up as a memory leak in dsm-sa_snmpd when called from the check_openmanage plugin. Each call consumes another 15 mb of memory and eventually the swap area fills and things start to break. 

You did not provide much for details, so I am not sure if this is relevant to your situation. If so, I did an immediate work-around of using a cron job to restart omsa twice a day.  As well, last week I converted one machine to the Dell repo based OMSA 6.3 for Ubuntu.  I will be monitoring the "6.3" machine to see if the memory leak is present. 

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