R710/PERC H700/H800/MD1200 disk naming

Ken Nishimura nishimur at opus.scs.agilent.com
Mon Aug 2 16:11:44 CDT 2010

Alex and others -

Thanks.  I think I will go with LVM.  It has some nice other properties
as well.  I assume that making a few large virtual disks (mostly segregated
by disk type and enclosure location) and using LVM to slice and dice
is the way to go?



Jefferson Cowart wrote:
> The recommendations I've seen are to avoid using /dev/sdx for exactly this reason. Instead you can use either file system labels or otherwise persistent names generated by udev based on parameters that won't change.

Another (better?) solution is to use LVM logical volumes for your 
filesystems - the kernel scans all relevant storage at startup and 
identifies LVM PVs and reads their metadata from them, so even if the 
underlying device names/locations change, everything still "just 
works."  (/boot, which cannot be LVM, is another issue, but GRUB's 
access to that is typically mediated by the BIOS, which is at least a 
little less likely to renumber things the way the Linux kernel does...)


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