R710/PERC H700/H800/MD1200 disk naming

Jefferson Cowart Jefferson_Cowart at cuc.claremont.edu
Mon Aug 2 12:20:09 CDT 2010

The recommendations I've seen are to avoid using /dev/sdx for exactly this reason. Instead you can use either file system labels or otherwise persistent names generated by udev based on parameters that won't change.

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Have a R710 running RHEL4.8 with a internal H700 supporting two virtual
drives using internal disks and a H800 supporting two virtual drives
in an external MD1200 enclosure.

It seems that the device name (/dev/sd?) that is assigned to each virtual
drive is somewhat arbitrary.  It was in order of creation, but after
a reboot, it changed to order of enclosure/drive.

This, as you can imangine, is not a good thing.  What is the best way
of locking a device name to a virtual disk?  udev?



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