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Krishnaprasad_K at Dell.com Krishnaprasad_K at Dell.com
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>From ESXi4.0 onwards OpenManage ( OM ) is not integrated with Dell
Customized images. Customers are supposed to download Embedded OM
offline bundle from Dell support site and install it on ESXi.

OpenManage is part of ESXi ( Dell Customized image ) only in ESXi 3.5

Here is the OM offline bundle for ESXi 4.0.

The instructions on how to install the package on ESXi4.0  is explained
in "Installation Instructions section".

The doc that Chandrasekhar had pointed out
taug.pdf ), the support matrix w.r.t ESXi is as below. ESXi will be
listed as unknown in in ITA.




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Hi Krishnaprasad,

> what's the ESXi version do you use?

It is ESXi 4.0.0 Build 244038

> Do you see the server listed as unknown in ITA?


Thanks for the help,


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