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I don't get the ESXi green in ITA. It is listed under the category
VMware ESX Servers, but without the Health State (grey and with a
question mark only)

I know that you can configure SNMP per remote CLI to receive the traps
in the ITA Management station and generate E-Mails with that.....

And yes, you have the embedded Open Manage in the Dell Version of ESXi
which you can access per the Open Manage Webservice from remote. (if
anybody is interested, for how to enable OMSA on ESXi just send me an
e-mail and I will send you the description with some screenshots)
Officially the embedded OMSA is earliest supported with G11 systems -
like a R610 or R710.

But I don't know if the Health Agent is included in the embedded OMSA
which you need to get it shown as green, yellow or red in ITA.

I also read some documents where I found (or mean to understand) that
the Health State can only be checked with WS-MAN, instead of SNMP.
WS-MAN isn't supported for the ITA, only for the DELL Management Console
(also free but it must installed on a w2k3 (at least a vm) with MS IIS
running) but here I still don't have the time to test at the moment.


If someone has some more information I'm really interested in and it
would be great if it will be send to the whole list or me on CC.






Dell Support Germany




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The main difference between the Dell customised version and retail is
the retail version doesn't include OMSA by default.  With ESXi you can
setup snmp alerts to send to ITA.

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 7:49 PM, gregorcy <gregorcy at eng.utah.edu> wrote:

Thanks Bryan,

I guess I should have given more details.  I do have virtual center
setup.  Should I just set an snmp alert on the ESXi server and let the
VC server all the alerts.  The reason I asked is I saw a place in the IT
assistant for VMware.  Do you know if that is supported?  Also what is
the difference between the Dell customized VMware iso and the regular
VMware iso?  Just drivers maybe.

Thanks for the help,


On 4/28/2010 5:34 PM, Bryan wrote:

	Virtual Center is required for snmp alerts on ESXi.  The free
version of
	ESXi doesn't support the functionality.
	On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 1:52 PM, gregorcy <gregorcy at eng.utah.edu

	<mailto:gregorcy at eng.utah.edu>> wrote:
	   I am wondering if anyone knows how to get my PE 1950 running
	   esxi to show up in IT assistant.  I installed it
	   with the Dell customized iso that downloaded from VMware but
I have
	   not been able to get it to show up with ITA.
	   Thanks for the help,
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