update_firmware kickstart problem

Ali Tayarani ali at broadinstitute.org
Wed Apr 28 11:35:06 CDT 2010

When I run update_firmware in a kickstart postscript, the updates claim to
install, but after reboot the firmware hasn't changed. Yet, when I run the
same commands from the CLI after first boot, the firmware updates and stays

The code I'm using is:

yum -y install dell_ft_install
# Set the firmware to auto-install
sed -i 's/rpm_mode=manual/rpm_mode=auto/g' /etc/firmware/firmware.conf
yum -y install $(/usr/sbin/bootstrap_firmware)
/usr/sbin/update_firmware -yv

After first boot, I only run update_firmware -yv (or sometimes, both of the
last two lines).

Am I doing something wrong or is something broken?

Ali Tayarani
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